Need to Reform the Politics Not The Political Leaders

The problems which our country faces today exist more or less in the other countries also. Some of these problems instead of diminishing during the last 60 years have rather grown up. There is no doubt that development has taken place in the country but the pace of development has remained very tardy like bullock cart in the rural areas whereas urban areas have developed very fast like an aero plane. The growing discrepancies between the two in terms of development have made rural people bereft of enjoying the fruit of development. This situation is causing frustration among the people.

But this frustration is not pushing the people towards solution to the problems but they are heading towards violence and fake solution. They are being trapped by those who instead of questing the solution to these problems are just crying and presenting a fake solution to the real problems by criticizing leaders and bureaucrats.

Economic Slavery has lost its relevance

Several heads of the Parties, the Governments at centre and the states and many of the officials are already in favor of continuing economic slavery for the development, but even the intellectuals who present fake solution to the development also consider that economic slavery is essential for development. They will prefer making 80 percent people slave for the next 1000 years and sacrificing interest of such a huge population at the altar of factious development. Evidently, the people presenting unreal solution by way of severely criticizing the leaders and the bureaucrats are themselves a big problem for the society.

Most of the conservative nationalists not only of India but of the entire world also belong to same category. In 1950 the space created in the name of independent country and government in India is proving small because the number of members in the family take solution in place of creating space for the family members in the house is pasting them like tiles of the wall of the house. They are trying to make the family members understand that the house building structure of the government is heritage of their ancestors, which should not be repaired, status should be maintained and the people associated with the central government and the state government should be allowed to enjoy this property.

The demand put forth by the grown up members of the family that some new floors must be added to accommodate them is improper and selfish one as bringing a change in the heritage and identity is nothing but spoiling one’s culture only. Structural change in the heritage is equivalent to pawn the honor, self-respect and independence of the family. The people in power thought it is better to enhance price-rise, unemployment and poverty instead of making any structural change so that the people in majority may turn bereft of money and the population thus will automatically come down. Hence, there is no need to undertake the repair work of the houses for the growing population. There is a need to create the feeling of patriotism among the people and they are required to be taught to save the house against vagaries of climate anyhow at the cost of their comfort.

All the Governments irrespective to their party affiliation adopted the same tactics during the last 60 years. In such a situation there is nothing uncommon if the question is raised as to why the people should not rebel against dictatorship of the rich in the name of democracy when the maximum number of the people is to be treated as slaves and why the ongoing dictatorship of the rich should be legitimized by casting votes when every party after widening of its base is to be captured by the rich. Why the party presidents and their supporters who exploit democracy and favour feudalism should not be politically boycotted. Why the demand for reservation in Parliament, Legislative Assemblies and jobs for the poor and middle classes shouldn’t be raised.

Economic Status of voters in Democracy

When the 80 percent people who are economically weak are never in a position to win elections, then why these 80 percent people shouldn’t take initiative actions to create a separate system of governance, judiciary, currency etc for themselves. Why all the facilities like salary, pension allowance travel by rail, bus and air should be given to the leaders only, why these facilities shouldn’t be extended to the voters as well. The economic status of the children was used to be depended on their parents in the monarchy but why the same system of law of successions for unlimited period should be allowed to continue even in democracy. How long the human beings will be treated as slaves within the boundaries of their countries when every item is allowed to move freely all over the world after Dunkel agreement came into being in 1994.

Today the new generation is seeking freedom in this Internet Era as they are supposed to exhibit their talent all over the world. They are required to be liberated from the boundaries of the nations. But the irony is that the power is still in the hands of those conservative people who had read the books fifty years ago and who are unaware of the challenges existing of the present.

Parliamentarians for Political Reforms

They have been suppressing the document related to Political reforms signed by 137 Members of Parliament since 2006, which has potential to change the whole world. They are not even ready to hold a debate on it, how they can implement the same. 6 May 2008 was scheduled for holding debate on it but parliament was prorogued one day before. After going through these experiences we talk of not merely changing the driver i.e. government of the vehicle, but suggests for changing the engine itself. Bullock cart has been given the shape of airplane. Therefore, the proposed political reforms presented in this book may appear to some people too big to be implemented.

The author wants to request such people who consider manufacturing and operating airplane a very big tasks to donate at least one Rupee with good wishes to those who are involved in manufacturing and buying airplanes and to stop sending narrow minded persons by casting votes in their constituencies to the institutions which have been established for the purpose of executing some great work. The people are advised to join the caravan, struggling hard to travel free of cost in the airplane after it comes into being. As heart ailment can not be cured by consuming Septron tablet like wise, the problems instituting the country, villages and house holds from generation to generation can not be solved just by criticizing the government, the leaders and the bureaucrat’s officers.

The people making such criticism are behaving like that doctor who advises the patients suffering from heart disease not to follow the advice of a big doctor for undergoing surgery. Such doctor insists upon them to follow his advice only. He says that heart surgery is a very costly and big work, it is Utopian idea, it is not a feasible solution, it can be performed only by the doctors of the other countries, this is not possible for this country and therefore pain relieving tablets should be consumed and the doctors must be changed after every five years if they don’t get cured… Such critics should go through this book and thereafter they should think again with cool mind as to whether presenting fake solution to genuine problem just for the sake of appearing more pragmatic among the people is justified. Here we measures for amending the politics instead of criticizing the politicians and the bureaucrats for the problems ahead them. The people who are assigned the responsibilities of implementing those measures are working on different forefronts in a very organized manner.

An appeal to this effect is also made to the readers that undertaking big task may not be possible for everyone but supporting the cause and dreaming of a big work doesn’t cost anything, because only a big thought can bring greatness in one’s family, relatives and country.

Bharat Gandhi