Agreement between RDR Issuing Organization and RDR Bearer

  1. The issuing organization gives unilateral promise to bearer for paying back the money. The bearer does not get legal right for the payback.
  2. The promise to payback the money to the berear is given by the issuing organization, not by government or by the Parliament.
  3. Only the issuing organization and office-bearers and members of those organizations who are associated with issuing organization are responsible for the transactions of RDR. There are only two parties in the contract between the issuing organization and the bearer of RDR. This contract will be deemed registered in the same department of the government in which the issuing organization or the organization associated with the issuing organization is registered.
  4. Forthwith at the time of becoming a member of any such associated organization declares that the donor of labour or donor of money will neither expect nor claim to get the money payback from the RDR issuing organization.
  5. The subject of RDR is fully a mutual affair between the issuing organization and the bearer. There is not any right or duty of any third party in this matter.
  6. Only that institution can be a legal bearer of RDR, who is member of the issuing organization.
  7. Only that person can be the legal bearer of RDR who is a regular member or office bearer of any such organization which is associated with the issuing organization.
  8. Any dispute will be settled only under the jurisdiction of a New Delhi Court.