How to Join us

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First Step

Seven types of organizations and confederations are working for Mission for Global Change (MGC), please click with which you wish to get associated :-


1. Non-political organizations and confederations working with maintaining proper distance to political parties -

Federation for Economic Freedom (FEF

Campaign for Political Reforms (CPR)


2. Organizations working as political party

Voters Party International (VPI)


3. Para-political alliances of political parties working to prevent political parties from deviation of their principles

Votership Alliance of Political Parties (VAPP)

Global Alliance of Political Parties (GAPP)


4. Confederation of firms and companies cooperating with Mission, MGC

Global Association of Industries and Trade  (GAIP)


5. Organization working for supplying trained manpower to the organizations of MGC and working for issuing certificates of ability of workers of organizations of Mission- National Foundation for Education and Research (NAFER)


6. Collective institution working for issuing the collective receipt to the contributors contributing the organizations of the Mission for Global Change (MGC)  in form of cash, kind or in form of work. Global Citizens Fund


7. Institution working to empower Mr. Bharat Gandhi, the promoter of Mission for Global Change (MGC) by contributing in form of cash, kind or in form of work. Bharat  Gandhi Coronary Group

Second Step

Fill the Primary Membership Form and get your Primary Membership Code by website or by message. You may send sms on 09198416666 for code.

For Primary Membership Online Form Click Here

Third Step

Fill Active Membership Form when you have received 25 Primary Members filled form along with fee Rs.1250/- (@ Rs.50/-per head for 5 years).

For Active Membership Online Form Click Here 

Fourth Step

1. You should fill form of Office Bearer, if you have already become Active Member of the Party. Choose your Cell/ Mission before filling this form. To get Form of office Bearer please Click Here


2. If you are feeling difficulty in the form of Office Bearer, please call on +91-9198416666. The decisions of  the central committee will be final regarding the post you have applied for.


3. Party will open account of office bearer to deposit RDR, when you have become  office bearer. Process of depositing RDRs will stop if the higher office bearer sends report of idleness in duty.

Organization Structure

Levels of the Organizations Main Posts
1) Purwa / Mohalla Manager
2) Booth Level President (Having Ability of Gathering)
3) Nyay Panchayat / Ward Level Vice President
4) Block Level Chairman (Having Ability of Fund Contribution)
5) Assembly Level Vice-Chairman
6) State Level Secretary-General (ability  of Reading & Writing)
7) Loksabha Level Secretaries (Office working staff)
8) Vatansabha Level  
9) Parivarsabha (Quarter World) Level  
10) Jansabha (Half World) Level  
11) Coountry Level  
14) Vatan (Quarter World) Level  
15) Hemi-National (Half World) Level  
16) National (Half World) Level  

There are 64 working areas. These areas are called cells of the organization. These cells are classified in 8 Wings. Every cells contains some department and every cell department contains some sections. 

Classification of 64 areas
Wings of Organization Wing wise cells Cell wise Departments Department wise Sections

Wing wise cells

    Manager President Chairman General secretary Secretary -1 Secretary -2 Secretary -3
1 Office Managment 1) Office               
  2) Coordination              
  3) Stage Management              
  4) Internal Security              
  5) Parliamentary Affairs              
  6) Publication              
2 Public Gathering 1) Membership Campaign              
  2) Public Demonstration              
  3) Rally              
  4) Voting Promotion              
  5) Economic Leftists              
  6) Cultural Leftists              
  7) Economic Rightists              
  8) Cultural Rightists              
  9) Economic Centrists              
  10) Cultural Centrists              
  11) Economic Decentrists              
  12) Cultural Decentrists              
3 Organizing Communities 1) Self Respect              
  2) Organized Labor              
  3) Un organized Labor              
  4) Youth              
  5) Farmers              
  6) Teachers              
  7) Public Representatives              
  8) Beauty Conciseness              
  9) Women              
4 Money Collection 1) Collection of Donations              
  2) Citizen Banking              
  3) Boycott Supervision              
  4) Government Employee              
  5) Industry and Trade              
  6) Administrative Affairs              
  7) Doctors              
  8) Schools              
  9) Hospitals              
5 Mass Communication  1) Signature Campaign              
  2) Media              
  3) Seminars              
  4) Academic              
  5) Public Speakers              
  6) Political Polarization              
  7) Wall writing              
  8) Art              
6 Character Building 1) Simplicity              
  2) Education              
  3) Addiction Control              
  4) Truth Promotion              
  5) Promotion of Work Culture              
  6) Average Life              
  7) World Peace              
  8) Non violence              
  9) Environment              
7 Good Governance 1) South Asian Governance              
  2) Hemi-national Governance              
  3) National Governance              
  4) Private Corruption Control              
  5) Government Corruption
  6) Saint Empowerment              
  7) Harmony              
  8) Poverty Eradication              
8 Security 1) Intelligence              
  2) Lawyers              
  3) Security              

1. Gender of a child is a character by birth. It is determined by the rules of nature. Similarly a thought of individual is also determined by the nature itself not by the human being. Admitting or discarding the use of gender is not a good approach. That is why Party respect political thoughts of every voter. Voter may be leftist, rightist, believer of capitalism or communism, centrist or de-centrist, selfish or cosmopolitan, party wish to allot the revenue and the assets to various representative thoughts in proportion to the ratio of population. The real and adequate tax is a fund collected by the leaders of various political thoughts from their respective communities. The development done by such fund and by such leaders could be able to restore peace, harmony, unrest and non-violent society.   


2. Political thoughts are always present in human being but only those persons are attracted by thoughts who do favor of social affairs by congenital reasons. This very congenital social affair is also determined by the rules of nature. Such child involves itself in a mission suitable to its interest. Due to its assumptions  party provides the global forum of organizations and individuals having similar thoughts.


3. Every organization who wishes to join Mission is advised to open 64 cells. You are requested to understand these 64 works with patient. You will definitely find a cell of your interest. Choosing mission of one’s spirit even in 64 days is better than wandering whole life in search of one’s mission.