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Bharat Gandhi, Political Reformer

In 1789 there was a revolution in France. Philosopher Rosseou was the main think-tank motivating that revolution. This revolution removed the king from the throne of power, but it could not succeed to capture and occupy it for the people. It was usurped by the land lords of the king. These barons declared themselves as ‘the people’. Right from that time the democracy is captivated in the fist of this so called ‘public’! Marx had restricted not to make experiment of ‘socialism’ on any singular piece of world. But his disciples misadventured to do the same. They tried to thrust an elephant into a bottle and defamed themselves along with Marx.

In India the great mahatma Gandhi was born. So mighty, the institution like the government of India strived to propagate the Mahatma itself.

The tyrants running that government properly propagated his ideology, so that their monopoly to promise people might be secured, but they restricted his thoughts about trustee ship and economic democracy. The great man, who became poor in love of the poor was ultimately utilized by the selfish rich. Jesus Christ had said “If you have two clothes, give one to the other, not having”. Christians did not follow him. They called themselves Christians only by attending the church.

People co-operated with the clique of Jayprakash Narayan relying on his leadership.  But when the gang reached the seat of power, Jayprakash was unheard the promises given to people were fulfilled neither by Mahatma Gandhi, nor by J.P. Both were deceived and let down, not by their enemies, but by friends.

The Dalits (Depressed class) were organized in Northern India under the leadership of Kashi Ram. Anguish of this downtrodden class being exploited from centuries, became more serious when Kashi Ram’s inner circle itself became confident tricksters, for him and the dalits. Kashi Ram could not do anything. He opposed ‘Manuvaad’ but saw in his last lifetime, rich dalits becaming ‘Manuvaadi’. Power did not prove to be the master key. The plight of the downtrodden remained as it was.

Plight of the Great Men

Such instances are ample in history in which the very people, against whom the great men raised their voice, utilized the great men for their selfish interests. Everything of the great is accepted, expect economic justice. It is left lip-served only.Generally a great man is not let born in a poor deer like family, as his/her mother cannot get nutricious diet needed to bear a healthy child. As an exception, if any great man is born in the locality of poor deers, the lions would not let him live. Even if he is saved any how, his voice is not heard amidst the roars of lions. Till his voice would be heard by people he would get old and die.

If he would find on some way to be heard, the lions would manipulate by wearing his skin and recruite into the gang of his deciples. The lion in disguise of the deer would become leader of their caravan, stensibly to avail justice for them. These lions, becoming members of the caravan of the great man would be always waiting for solitude in order to attack him. They would hail him high through slogans like ‘long live our leader’ to show themselves as the best deciples. They would load his neck by big wreathes.

Whenever this caravan happens to reaches the thrown of power, usually it is seen that it is some lion and not the deer, who occupied the seat. As soon as he occupies the chair, he cuts off the very wire of the loud speaker through which the great man communicated with poor deers. Now the government of deers would manipulate for massacres of deers and their caravan is dispursed. The great man is either killed or seeing this impediment let he demise. Deers leave the caravan hopelessly, return to their homes and again resume the hide and seek strife to save themselves from the lions. Leaving a few exceptions the samething happened with every great man of history.

One great man of today

One such great man of the deers appeared before the world at the age of mere 24. He denied occupying the post of administrative authority, only assuming that if he does so some more needy brother would be deprived of its employment and bread. He renounces his degrees altogather, as they did not measure the human goodness but only intelligence. Till today, at the age of 42 he did not secure any regular source of income considering that it might deprive somebody else from his livelihood and would be as such an income through violence. He vowed to remain unmarried only to make the government leave a superstition in this age of machines keeping the people as economic slaves. He used to reject all proposals of foreign-tours, because he regards whole earth as his mother and countries as her organs. He considers all the laws of visa and passport as a shakle around the necks of her children which restricts them from meeting each other and their mother. He says, “The entire earthlings are a family, Countries are like rooms of this family habitat. Is it right to deploy spy hounds behind the family member, going from one room to the other? Could he be a household family member, who is traced by such spies? If he is a guest, is it not his insult to be shadowed by hounds?

This man not only enumerated the problems of various spheres like educational system, social system, religious system, polity and economy etc, wrote above 2 dozen books before reaching the age of 40 and presented their solutions before the world. Not one but dozens of organizations and political parties are inspired today by his thoughts and active in their domains. More than 100 members of Parliament submitted the thoughts of this person to the august house. This single man caused to make the government pass various enactments, which are usually against the mindset of governing rulers. The path shown by this man is now considered by crores in the country as their own path this dream are now their dreams. This man provided the purpose of life to those millions who used to live as if bearing a burden. Thousands of people, daily read his books, and listen his CDs audio-visual discourses through interest.

His ordeals and victories

Even big guns lose heart and brain when put in Jails, when administration declared him as terrorist and put into prison to suppress his voice, he remained unmoved and indomitable. He wrote his famous treatise entitled ‘Janopanishad’ (peoples’ Q and A). He regarded the prisoners as his kith and kin and showed least impatience for release. He made the vow that he would not assign any pleader to fight his case, as the poor has no money to fight his case against rich. He would not want to be released by spending money, speaking lies and appointing a lawyer.

The way which could not be the way of the poor would not be his way to move out from the prison. He even admitted his so called illegal action, but successfully depends upon his motive behind it before the high court judges. If this commitment would have been taken otherwise, and his plea not accepted, he could have been sent for lifelong imprisonment.

The man loving truth to this extent does not have any bank account, not having property on his name, this man with the caliber of king lives like a destitute of the street. He eats whatever is given by others. Lives in others house, wears clothes given by others. Neither He has his own habitat nor wife or children, no security for future and resort for survival. Still he smiles and does hard labour, day and night as strenuously as a father does for his offshoots to make their lives plentiful. He says, “These trillions of children of the mother earth do not know that I am their father!” Even previously the father of the children of earth has been coming upon earth. And the children almost always missed to identify him as so delayed this identification till life, after he left his body. As he would not be in human body, his tyrannical children would do atrocities on his good natured children. They also claimed to have ordinance from the past human father.

Looking at these events of history, it has become necessary to note that the ordeal test of this guardian of earth-Children had started at the age of 24 and prolonged for 18 years till today at the age of 42. It should not be prolonged further. Lest the children repeat the mistake again as in past, lest they delay to identify him so late that he is caught by the eyes of the lions, and they would remove him from our midst. If this contemporary great man would not be given sufficient security, it would be very easy for the lions to commit this crime. This great man has come to heavenise this earth. It is apprehened that the lions in disguise of deers may aboard the canoe and drown his mission, midway stream. As in history the naïve deciples did not identify the disguised lions, what is the guarantee that they would recognize them today? Only the greats possess this divine vision. All the atrocities, tyranny and injustice rampant from centuries must end before the very eyes of this great man. The resurrection of deer like 500 crore hearts of the common masses of the earth is possible, if this great man is provided with sufficient resources, adequate security, mighty mass organization, perfect approval and full co-operation. And this should be provided well in time. If no accident occurs, we have the positive 40 years in the current century. 40 years are equal to 400 years of the past. We can accomplish that much work within 40 years, which could be done by our ancestors in 400 years or even more. Although dozens of organizations, numerous parties, millions of people and billions of supporters are at task on the line of his vision and mission. But this great man regards that- “It may be fatal to search for solution of any problem by common decision, but if some solution is to be materialized upon earth, there is no go than the common decision.” Life experiences teach us that the solution projects many a satellites in sky. To keep them there is also a problem. It means how to implement the discovered solutions. This method is not only a task but also a discovery. In organizational work, implementing the policies of organization and inventing the technique or strategy both go parallel. These policies are like satellites and the methods implementing these policies are like projecting rockets. Both these tasks require expert engineers. Great men have a third eye by which they can see the solutions of these problems. People with only two eyes cannot see these solutions. Till now the great men used to prepare satellites like expert engineers, but they would be absent amongst the projecting personnel. Consequently the satellites were being made continuously by the expert engineers and projection work was being done by bicycle mechanics. When the satellites are projected by fake rockets, they used to fell down. Hence, the satellites were also defained alongwith the projecting vehicle.

These experiences compel us to receive the method of implementing of the policies from the same great man from whom we have received the satellites of policies. If we accept this method then the scope of common decision would be reduced in the organization. This reduction of common decision would often be felt as inconvenience by those who are the collaborators or colleagues of the great man. The decision of the great man includes discretion, but the colleagues often lack of it. Therefore the collaborators cannot understand the litigation of many such decisions, which are taken by the great man, while preparing the projection vehicle called organization. If the great man would accept every suggestion of the co-workers, he may foresee the failure of the satellite, if he does not accept their opinions; dissent is created in his team. Hence, he cannot get sufficient co-workers and production of the projection rockets becomes difficult.

The only solution of this critical problem can be that same organizations should work in a way where the great man may accept even those suggestions of his collaborators which may probably make the vehicle prone to accident. 

But to save the satellite i.e, the vision of the great man from any probable accident, at least one such organization should be made which would not only take the policies from the great man, but also receive the methods to implement those policies, direct from the great man. Bharat Gandhi Coronary Group is such an emerging organization. It would not only provides the benefits, easily available to humanity of the divine vision of this contemporary prophetic genius and think tank, revered Shri Bharat Gandhi, but also leave no stave unturned so that this great man should be recognized at the earliest. It would make his security invulnerable, his mission immune to any sabotage, crunch of funds and other resources should be at his dispersal that may save him from victimization by conspiring adverse forces, if any.

The savior who wants to emancipate mankind from all tyranny, anguish, dearth and clash must be safeguarded at any cost. The savior who wants to emancipate mankind from all tyranny, anguish, dearth and clash must be safeguarded at any cost.